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Sharing knowledge was at the heart of Guru Gobind Singh's scholarly mission. In 1706, he founded 'Guru ki Kashi' (the Guru's Kashi), a centre of learning in Punjab, to instill in his followers a thirst for knowledge. 
The tenth Sikh Guru drew inspiration from the Indian city of Varanasi (Benares), which in classical literature and scripture is referred to poetically as Kashi―the 'luminous'―an allusion to the city‘s historical status as an ancient and renowned centre of learning, literature and culture. Exactly three centuries after the Guru's Kashi was founded, Kashi House was established to bring about a renaissance in the awe-inspiring history, traditions and teachings of the Sikhs.



What is 'Kashi House'?  Kashi House was founded in 2006 as a not-for-profit publisher of fine quality books and art prints on the cultural heritage of the Sikhs and Punjab.

What do we do with our profits?  Kashi House is a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee, which means that 100% of any profits earned are reinvested in future projects.

What do people say about our work?  Our readers describe our publications as being beautifully designed, sumptuously illustrated and immensely readable.

What is our ethos?  To publish "illuminating books that illuminate minds". We believe in the power of well-crafted books that nourish the intellect, challenge norms and stimulate meaningful discussion and debate.

Who is behind Kashi House?  The Kashi House team is made up of authors, researchers and designers, all British-born Sikhs who are passionate about their cultural heritage and dedicated to sharing their knowledge and insights. The team's effectiveness stems from a combination of decades of painstaking research, fabulous creative design and wide-ranging professional experience. Kashi House is also the publishing partner of UKPHA.

How can I learn more?  For fascinating insights into Sikh culture and history and to learn more about our work, visit our online magazine.

How do we price our products?  Our pricing strategy balances the need to offer great value for money to you, our readers, with that of generating sufficient income to ensure our sustainability; that's critical if we are to continue producing great books for today's and future generations to enjoy and cherish.

We set prices in order to recover project costs, e.g. research, reprographic costs, permission rights, design, printing, delivery, storage, insurance, overheads and marketing. To help keep costs down, team members invariably contribute the majority of their time for free. This operating model allows us to offer our books at a substantially subsidised price vis a vis comparable books from mainstream 'for profit' publishers. Similarly, our selection of prints, which are faithful reproductions of original artworks, are competitively priced (even though they are inclusive of Value Added Tax, which we are legally required to charge at 20%).



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